Our Solutions

School Management System

Our School Management System is a One-stop school management system that uses to help the school operation in Cambodia. We add more value to all education, by providing the modern technology of education solution to all users. We try to develop and build code from scratch and improve the quality of education in Cambodia.

VI-SCHOOL provide you:

- Instant Evaluation report
- Variety of Courses Management
- Lower Costs spend
- Easy Class Work / Homework and Test online
- Modified Learning Environment
- Improved quality of Education
Better Communications between Parents, Students, Teachers

In our School System we integrate with Intelligent Device such us:

- Device integration
- Student smart card
- Auto-ID detection
- Scan Face Recognition
- Fingerprint Attendance

We make easy ways of connection about parents with school or staff, easy to communicate with your child with the teacher, and help in improving parent-school interaction.

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